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How are we making it easy?

3 Simple Steps

Sign up on Rentlog

Sign up with your social accounts in just 1 minute and fill in your property details as a landlord or personal details as a renter. You’re good to go!

Send an invite to your potential tenant

Once all of your property details are filled in, send an invite link through Whatsapp or other messaging service to the tenant to review your property, terms and conditions.

Agree on a rent deal

Ask questions, negotiate terms, and then finalise your rental agreement. Rentlog saves utility indices, current furniture condition, inventory, and other details. Best part? The contract is generated in your country/region language.


Quick Communication

Our messaging system helps you create automatic reminders and renters can make requests quickly and conveniently via our chat.

Personalised Dashboard

Manage your account, properties, and rental activity through a personalised dashboard. Simple to learn and quick to get used to!

No Stress

Sign the rent agreement online only after you agree on all terms. Don't worry about making mistakes, you can change the contract during this process.

Manage Properties

All of your properties' details are tracked via the dashboard and can be updated and seen at any moment!

Direct Pay

Get paid through the platform straight from your renters. Need to split it between roomates? No problem. Rentlog does that!

Keep Inventory

Manage and track the situation of the items in your home, before and after your tenant moves in or out.


With Rentlog...

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Less hustle for Owner/Agent
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